Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And just one more...

This morning

Barrett: "I don't want to go to school today.  I want to go to work with you."
me:  "You wouldn't like Mommy's work.  There's no playground and no friends and no books.  It's not very much fun.  Why would you want to go to work?"
Barrett: "I just want to be with you, Mommy," wrapping his arms around my legs and kissing them. 


This is age 3.  A roller coaster of independence and snarly faces and backtalk and deliberately knocking glasses of milk off the table and throwing trains and cuddles and laughter and sweet kisses and sweet words and "I love you so much"s and discovery and joy.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Latest Barrett-isms

Having a 3 year old is a source of never-ending frustration and fun.  3 is definitely challenging but I will say, Barrett makes me laugh every single day.  He's so sharp, aware, and funny.  Here are the latest Barrett-isms:

B was quite interested in two dogs at his grandparents' house and kept wanting to see them and know what they were up to.
Barrett, to me: "What are the dogs' names?"
me:  "I don't know. Why don't you ask?"
Barrett:  "Maybe they don't talk"

Barrett is obsessed with his blue blanket.  He carries it constantly around the house, snuggling it and chewing on it all the time.
Daddy:  "No taking blankie into the grocery store.  You need to leave it here in the car."
Barrett:  "Okay.  I chew it really quick."
proceeds to nibble on it for a few seconds.  Then sets it aside.
Barret:  "Okay.  All done" and was ready to go.

I asked Audrey a question tonight, in the usual sing-song way of talking to an infant without expecting an answer.  Barrett decided to set me straight.
Barrett:  "Audrey doesn't talk."
me: " Well, Audrey  will talk soon!  What do you think she'll say when she will be able to talk?"
Barrett:  "'Give me back my toys.'"
Yes.  Probably.