Monday, June 3, 2013

My Little Van Goghs

Lately I've been feeling like the Pied Piper of the 3 and Under set.  Anywhere I go, I lead a parade.  So if I need to buy myself a few minutes to get dinner ready, the latest trick I've found is coloring.

One day I had to run out to the garage to grab something out of the refrigerator and left the kids in the kitchen coloring.  I was gone approximately 60 seconds.  This is what I came back to:

Purple marker makes good lipstick, apparently

Audrey thought the red went better with her complexion

Audrey was quite upset that I didn't give her my phone as I was taking this picture.  "Mine, Mine!" she was yelling.

Barrett's self portrait.  He was pretty funny.  He did this all unprompted and as I was looking at it, he said "Oh, I need to draw my belly."  So he drew the circle in the middle and added a belly button.  I think it's actually pretty good!  Tim is a good artist, so it'd be nice if Barrett got some of his skill. 

Uncanny resemblance!