Monday, July 5, 2010

First taste of food

A bit reluctantly, we made our first stab at "real" food. Most moms can't wait to start solids with their babies, but not me. It's yet another step to my baby growing up! But since he was turning 6 months old, we figured it was time to get started, so try it we did. Um, yeah, B was not such a fan of the oatmeal. He ended up either squirming away from it or blowing raspberries and spraying mommy with it.

As a disclaimer, the pictures below show my baby with food all over his face. I personally always find these types of pictures somewhat repulsive. But for some reason, Barrett is the first baby who looks adorable with food on his face! Imagine that!

All smiles, pre-food

first spoonful

hmmm.... this seems strange...

can't decide if I should swallow or spit

looking a little confused about the whole thing

okay, I've had it, get this stuff away from me

I'm pretty sure not once bit ended up being swallowed and 100% ended up either on his face or the table. oh well!

Yes, my shirt says Best Mom Ever. I bought it myself. That's how I roll.

Since these first initial attempts at oatmeal, we have since tried peas and have had much more success. I will spare you the pictures, since the peas look about as gross as they smell. But we're making progress on the food front!

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