Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Barrett - Eleven months old

Dear Barrett

Well, angel, we are in the home stretch of your first year. Wow! I cannot believe you are going to be a toddler in just one short month. I am seeing so many glimpses of the little boy you're turning into. And it's so exciting to see.

This past month you have grown so much. You are basically out of 9 month clothes now and into the 12 month jammies. They have non-slip feet. For walkers. For big, grown up walkers. Which you are now! Well, not on your own just yet, but you just discovered the joy of walking behind the little rolling walker. You have loved pushing it while crawling on your knees but as soon as you pushed it forward, you would drop down to your knees. Well not anymore! You now walk behind it with such an expression of joy on your face! I can foresee that you are going to be walking before I know it, toddling all over the place, and getting into everything! You are so curious these days - constantly pulling toys off shelves, grabbing everything and dying to explore. But you always know the way back to your momma's arms. I think you would be perfectly happy to spend the entire day being carried around in my arms. I am so torn - I want to make sure you're independent and can play alone, but I know the time that I can hold you and carry you around is so fleeting, so I can't pass up these moments.

You are becoming a better eater. You love your carbs (cheerios, graham crackers, toast) and I think you could make an entire meal of puffs if I let you. You like yogurt, fruits, beans, rice and water but are not quite as fond of veggies, meat or cheese, but we're continuing to work on it.

Teeth #7 and 8 appeared on your 11 month birthday as tiny white slivers under the surface. After those little bottom ones come in, you'll have 4 on top and 4 on the bottom. They make you look so grown up.

You are still a constant babbler. You say "mamama" a lot, which I think means mama and either mine or more, when you are pointing at something. You also repeat bye and sometimes lift your arm in a sort of wave goodbye.

There are two favorite tricks that you do - the first is clapping. It's so cute! You will clap along to patty cake or just clap out of no where. Sometimes I'll change your diaper and you'll give me a round of applause at the end. Thanks for the appreciation, my dear!
Another favorite thing you do is when we show you a picture of yourself and you get the biggest smile on your face. My dear Barrett, you are quite vain! You love the way you look and know when you're looking at a picture of yourself that you're looking at the cutest baby in the world. And you are correct, sir!

Your laughs are contagious. There's nothing more fun to hear in this world than that crazy cackle of yours (although hearing you say "mama" is definitely a close second). Your entire face scrunches up and you just laugh, laugh, laugh. Everyone around you can't help but laugh right along.

Each month I swear is my favorite so far and this has been no exception. You are so active and are such a busy boy. Always having to crawl, to explore, and to play. I cannot believe you are going to be 1 in a month!


And for fun, here are the 11 month rejects. I tried to take these on my own but this should definitely be a two person job. I managed to get the one good one above, which happened to be the first one I took. After that, the little wiggle worm refused to sit still and scared me half to death with his constant attempts to lunge off the chair!

trying to crawl towards Mommy

I gave him some desitin to try to distract him long enough to sit still momentarily

It did not work

nothing like a cute little diapered tush in the face

happy to be on his feet again

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