Thursday, December 23, 2010

Barrett - Twelve months old

My dear baby Barrett

Well this is it, baby. Can I still call you baby, now that you're one year old? I think so, because to me, you'll always be my baby! Throughout the last few days I keep thinking, what was going on one year ago now? One year ago now, I was thinking the baby would never come, we were on our way to the hospital, I was in labor, we learned a c-section was inevitable, you were born! What a whirlwind those days were. What a time of exhaustion, of pain but total and utter joy. I couldn't imagine past those first few days, of a crying newborn and sleepless nights. But here you are, playing in front of me as I write this, chewing on your Elmo toy, listening to your music table and dancing with it and looking up at me and saying hi as our eyes meet. You have become 1 year old in the blink of an eye. It is a very emotional time for mommy as I realize you are more of a toddler now than a baby.

You are becoming quite a talker and know at least 5 words now and when to use them. Impressive!! You can say mommy, ball, uh-oh, hi and bye. And the last two are accompanied with hand waving. It is unbelievably cute! When I pick you up to leave the room or when you can tell someone else is leaving you say "buh-bye!" and wave. So cute! You're so proud of this new party trick too and seem very eager for people to come and go so you can use it. Even a walk into the other room to change your diaper will elicit this grand goodbye and you smile when everyone laughs and waves back. You also say "muh" and point when you want something but I don't know what this means - mine or more maybe?

You get around so easily now, crawling and creeping along furniture at the speed of light. But no standing or walking alone and when we hold you up to encourage you to stand, you let your little legs buckle. You can do it, but I think you'd rather be held so you don't try. Silly duck. I recently read though that good crawlers may be slow to walk because they can get around so well already and I'm wondering if that will be true in your case.

Still silly with the food and somewhat picky. You, however, tried birthday cake on your birthday at Mimi and Papa's house and I think it was instant love. You clamped your lips and refused to open them until I put a dab of frosting on your lips and then you gobbled it right up. It was a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and whipped frosting and you couldn't get enough. We have your birthday party right around the corner and I know you'll be in cake heaven when you have a little one of your own.

We love you so much, baby. This last year has been an amazing whirlwind of joy and I am so happy to have you in our family!


Loving everyone singing Happy Birthday to him

Clapping after the candle is blown out

Yum, CAKE!

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