Saturday, January 15, 2011

Professional Photos

We had a photographer come out again in December and take some family pictures for us along with Barrett's 1 year photos. I posted a few proofs that we got from her here:
We are so happy that we have done this periodically to capture the family moments. For as many pictures as we take, it's really tough to get pictures of the entire family. And I do love these natural photos compared to staged studio pictures. I love capturing B with his favorite toys, at home and with his funny natural little expressions.

I know there's a lot below, but it's hard to pick my favorites!

He was head over heels in love with the Christmas tree. Every day when we came down the stairs he had to go over to see the tree right away. He loved touching the branches and ornaments. His favorites were my 25 year old not-so-pretty ones. Maybe because they were on the bottom of the tree, in easy reach of little fingers!

pure awe

chewing on his fuzzy red Elmo

one of my absolute favorites of him all-time

My two favorite boys

little chipmunk

who me? No, that wasn't me who put all those teeth marks in the crib!

Barrett's FAVORITE toy. hands down.

socks in the mouth. why does he do this?

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