Friday, December 30, 2011

Barrett - 2 years old!

My little Barrett is somehow 2 years old now.  It feels like the last 2 years have gone by in the blink of an eye.  It boggles my mind that he's already 2.  He still felt like such a baby to me until we brought Audrey home.  Suddenly, next to her, he seems so big.  I lift him now, after not lifting him for a month or so, and he feels huge to me.  Funny how perspective changes!

He is nothing if not obsessive.  He gets that from both me and Tim, so I can't say I'm surprised!  His current obsessions are The Wiggles and Elmo.  He will say all day long "wig-gess?" wanting me to turn on the show.  I try not to let him watch too much tv, but he sure does love them!  He also gets obsessed with a new book every week, makes us read it over and over, and then moves onto another.  Lately, he's loved a Noah Arc book, a book about Elmo's blanket (both are lift-the-flaps books), and a read-along story from my parents, switching his favorites weekly or so.
Wiggles dvds for his birthday - so excited!

He is having a bit of a difficult time adjusting to being home with me.  We decided to take him out of daycare while I'm home on maternity leave but it's been tough for him.  He's such a social kid, always on the go, so I think being stuck at home with his mommy and new baby sister is a little confining.  He acts out, is clingy and very whiny if we don't get out of the house enough to do things.  I'm trying to keep us more active, but it's hard with a newborn and winter starting.  He is getting very attached, crying and chasing after me if I leave the room, clutching my leg, etc.  It just reminds me how social he is and how much he needs to play and interact with other kids.

He is still in love with trains.  We got him a train table for his birthday, which we still have to construct and give to him, and I'm excited to see the reaction.  I think he'll really like it.  For his birthday and Christmas, he got a remote Thomas train and some Elmo books and toys from my parents and a ride-on Thomas the train from Tim's parents, so those were definitely the themes of the gifts this year.  I hope these loves last for a while so we get a lot of use out of his new toys!

He picks up words at an unbelievable rate.  We are definitely having to watch what we say.  The other day I said "shoot" and he repeated it right away.  It makes me glad that was the only word I said!   Even when Tim and I are having a conversation totally uninvolving him, he'll react when we say certain things, which makes me know he's listening even when he doesn't act like it.  We have real conversations these days (okay, maybe not about politics or current events!) and it's fun to see him say words we didn't even know he knew. 

He is definitely exhibiting two-year old behavior.  He can be defiant and deliberately disobedient and then be cuddly and sweet.  He started showing some first signs of selfishness.  It's funny because if an older kid steals his toys, he just lets them, but if it's a younger child, he gets very assertive and will get into a scuffle to get it back.  He definitely defers to older kids.  He can be very bossy, even with us, insisting that we sit in certain seats or stop singing.  I don't like that so much, but I guess it's natural for the age and since he's an oldest child.

He loved wearing his special red Santa diapers this month. I think since we made such a big deal out of how cute he looked in it the first time, he wanted to wear them constantly.  

He loves "flying" over everything, loves climbing up onto chairs and reaching for things, and plays a little game where he steals our chairs when we get up.  He excitedly crawls up into the chair, saying "Mommy's chair!" and grins when we pretend to be upset.

Barrett is pretty indifferent to the new baby sister.  He loves playing with her swing and all the noises it makes, but doesn't express much interest in her, which I guess is a good thing, considering how he could act towards her.  I am glad he hasn't shown much jealousy.  If I lay her down to change her diaper, he'll lay down and insist on his being changed also. 

I am still confused how fast the last two years have gone!  It doesn't seem like it's been two years since Barrett has been born and it scares me that the next years will go just as fast!

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