Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weekend review

We had a fantastic last weekend.  Summertime in Chicago is short but gorgeous.  So we try to spend as much of the weekend outdoors as we can.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Tim took the kids on a bike ride.  It was cute to see two little ones side-by-side!

Audrey started chewing on the seat strap so of course our little imitator had to follow suit.

Our new car!

Just kidding, it was the 911 Carrera S that we borrowed for the weekend.   Barrett kept saying "go fast! go fast!"  He's definitely his parents' child.

maybe ours for good someday?
Our luck with pools hasn't been too good this summer.  We had two punctured and one with a dead bird in.  Third time is a charm?  We got this cute little giraffe one on sale at Target recently.

Continuing to work on food with Audrey.  If she eats a few spoonfulls I consider it a success!

A big fan of anything Mommy's, especially hats.

Another hat fan?

Audrey's first time in the pool.  She liked it!

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