Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Audrey - Nine months old

Poor Audrey, I never posted an eight month update for her.  Neglected second child.  And her 9 month photo shoot was an adventure that I wouldn't mind never repeating!  She has become such a wiggle worm and was all over the place.  Everytime I would try to take a photo, she started crawling forward, propelling herself out of the chair and trying to get away.  The photos were exhausting!

Anyway, Audrey at nine months is such a sweet little thing.  She has become her own little person in the last few weeks, so unbelievably curious and active.

Food - I had almost given up hope on solids but she has now turned mealtimes around and is eating solids like a champ!  Dare I say that she is doing awesome???  In the last month she has eaten pears, plums, peaches, prunes, cauliflower, and parsnips.  She also really likes finger foods, although has gagged a few times after eating them.  I think the texture gets stuck in her throat.  This has happened with the chunkier parsnips I made this weekend and with bread.  She's really cut back on her milk consumption, hopefully due to the added solids.  I continue to worry about her eating constantly but am optimistic since she seems to really be warming up to and excited about solids.

Sleep - what can be said about her nightime sleep besides that she rocks! She goes down easily at 8pm like clockwork.  I wake her at 7am weekdays and she'll sleep until around 8 on the weekends.  Naps on the other hand continue to be not so great.  Most days she'll just take a few 20 minute catnaps here and there.  If we're out and about, she's pretty good with falling asleep in the ergo.  But every once in a while she'll surprise us with a really long weekend nap out of nowhere.  So hard to predict.  She seems to nap best curled up on me or Tim and that sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon to me!

She's really started to show preferences for people and some stranger anxiety.  One of her favorite people is definitely her older brother and she's all about watching him and doing whatever he's doing.

Audrey's favorite toys are her musical seahorse and this random clock that I bought at Once Upon A Child, thinking Barrett could better learn numbers and how to tell time.  Turns out she loves dumping it over and playing with all the pieces.
Fighting over toys all the time now!

Her lateral incisors popped through mid-August and it's so cute to see her little fangs!  The middle ones are following soon after though, so no fangs for long. 

One of my favorite latest activities of Audrey - crawling!  Okay, so that wasn't a development in her ninth month - it happened at 9 months, 2 days, but I'll include it here since it was close enough.  She moves slowly, but she's doing it.  In the two weeks before she turned 9 months, she became really active as far as moving up and down from sitting to laying, pivoting and reaching.

And since I never updated for her 8 month milestones, here is a photo from Audrey at 8 months!

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