Saturday, October 6, 2012

Audrey - 10 months

Happy 10 months, dear Audrey!  She is inching closer and closer, literally and figuratively, to a year now and it's really catching me off guard.

The first few months, I wasn't completely convinced that Audrey wasn't switched at birth at the hospital.  When I was pregnant, she was the craziest, liveliest little thing in my belly but was born and proceeded to sleep non-stop.  It felt like I barely saw her awake for the first few months.   But now there's no doubt in my mind that she's the same little girl that I was pregnant with.  She is a wild thing!

She has boycotted naps.  She still sleeps great during the night, about 12 hours non-stop, but refuses to quiet down and nap during the day.  She currently takes about one 30-45 minute nap and maybe will fall asleep in the car on the way home at night, if she's really tired.  I think she's afraid she'll miss something.  She wants to be involved in everything and doesn't want to be left out.   A few times she's fallen asleep in her highchair or just sitting on the floor, because she's so tired but will not let us put her in her crib.  Such a change from the first few months.

Her little personality is really starting to shine through and she's a rascal!  She's a total sweetheart - loves to be held most of the time, likes cuddles.  She plays games with us, like tilting her head with a big smile and mimicking us.  She gives us big smiles when she sees us.  When I come into her daycare room, she whips her head around when she hears my voice, gives me a huge grin and comes racing over on her hands and knees to be picked up.  She is a momma's girl, as much as she can be with her brother competing heavily for attention.

But she's also wild and crazy and becoming a determined little miss.  She makes a beeline for Payton's bowls anytime she has the opportunity.  Just like Barrett used to, she'll splash her hands in the water until we catch her and take them away.  She goes after Barrett's toys with the same determination - will sneak up and snatch them and not want to let go.  Barrett gets very upset "No, Audee, that's mine!" and I can't help but feel a little happy that she's so assertive.  She's also 10 months going on 10 years.  She wants to be with the big kids.  She moved up to the next room in daycare and loves to follow all the kids around and play with whatever they have.  She tries her best to keep up and looks so cute, tiny little thing, crawling around after them in her little dresses.

She is wearing size 2 diapers still but they are really becoming too small so we'll move up to 3s when we finish these.  She's wearing size 12 month clothes.

The last of her top and bottom front teeth are coming in, bringing her teeth total to 8.

Her favorite things are:  her brother, being held, Payton's bowls, grabbing noses, bouncing, when I hold her and we chase Barrett, dancing, and crawling away during diaper changes.

Her least favorite things: diaper changes, getting her nose wiped, having her hair rinsed during baths, and being put down for naps.

She's still more reserved in general than Barrett was with strangers.  He was much more social and lively and Audrey is more self-contained.  When strangers make googly eyes at her or smile, she just stares with a very serious expression.  But those of us who know her can definitely bring a smile to her face quickly.  Neck nibbling and cheek kissing are guaranteed to bring laughs.

Her eating continues to astonish me.  She is such a little piggy these days and I love it!  So far I haven't found too many solids that she's refused.  She didn't care for kiwi or raw raspberries but has proceeded to wolf down everything else I give her - bread, cheese, soups, beans, pasta, pizza, pancakes, fruits - she eats it all.
okay, I know food-on-the-face photos aren't everyone's favorite but I'm so thrilled with her eating, I must share! 

People are constantly telling me that she looks like a little doll, with  her perfect skin, rosy cheeks and blue eyes.  For me, words cannot adequately express how much I love my little girl.  Pretty much every time I hold her, I'm still astonished at how beautiful she is, how fun she is and how much I love her. 

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