Thursday, January 28, 2010

Barrett - One Month Old

Dear Barrett,

You are now one month old! It has been quite an adventurous first month for me, your daddy and you. We celebrated Christmas in the hospital with you and brought you home on a cold snowy day. You have changed so much in the last month. When we first brought you home, you were eating about every two hours and woke us up all night and slept most of the time when you weren't eating. Now, you're so alert! You eat every three hours or so. You like to look around, watch Mommy when she walks around the room and follow her with your eyes. You like to stare at the plaid family room drapes and lights and you were mesmerized by the Christmas tree lights. When you were first born, you could already hold your head up so well. Now you can hold your head up and look around for such an extended amount of time! Everyone comments on how strong your neck, arms and legs already are. You like car rides and fall asleep right away as soon as the car moves. You aren't crazy about shopping trips yet but Mommy is hoping that'll change. You like laying on your floor mat, love napping in your swing and have grown to like sitting in your bouncer seat and looking around. You sleep best swaddled and are very calm when we give you baths. You can't make up your mind about your pacifier - some days you like it and some you don't.

We couldn't believe it when you were already smiling at 2 1/2 weeks! When Mommy told Mimi, she was skeptical and didn't believe you would already be smiling so early, until she saw it for herself and was convinced! Now you're quite smiley when you have a full tummy and clean diaper. Your smiles melt your mommy's heart!

You noticed Payton for the first time about a week ago and sometimes you watch him with your eyes. He's a little jealous of you but I know you'll grow to be best friends. He's not crazy about your cries so fortunately you're usually a pretty calm baby. But when you want to eat, you usually want to eat NOW.

You've met all your aunts and uncles now and grandparents. You still haven't met your cousins so we're hoping you can meet them next month. Mimi came twice to help out for a week each time and had lots of fun holding you, showing Mommy how to give you baths, and helping Mommy run errands with you.

You have gained two pounds since you left the hospital. You're now 8lbs, 9oz and 20 3/4" long. You're still around the 20% percentile for height and weight but your head is in the 45% percentile, so you got your mommy's large noggin I think!

We love you so much! We can't wait to see what the next month holds in store for us!

Mommy and Daddy

Loving the Christmas lights

Such a tired baby!

First trips outside. Brrrrr, Chicago in January is cold!

Visits from Mimi and Papa

(notice poor, neglected Payton dropping a toy on Papa's lap in an effort to steal away some attention from Barrett!)

Smiling at Daddy

Playing on the playmat

A slightly jealous big brother Payton trying to get in the way of the camera

Chilling in the swing, the normal nap location

With Mommy in the nursery

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