Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mimi's visit #2

This past week my mom was out to help out again. It was nice to have her for company especially, since Tim has been working such long days for year-end close and I'm on my own for so long. We ran lots of errands - Costco, Target, the mall. Barrett loved his first trip to the mall, in the maiden voyage of the stroller. He liked looking around and didn't nap in his stroller like I expected, he must have been too distracted by all the lights, people, and sounds. A little shopper already! We got him lots of clothes for next winter, so he lucked out. He even left the mall wearing a snazzy new outfit since, um, there was a slight incident in his original outfit. Oops.

I never thought I'd ever be at a stage in life where I'd rather shop for clothes for someone else more than me!

It's always sad to see my mom leave. I know the next time she sees him he'll probably have an extra 2 pounds on him. We watched a short video that she took last time she was in town, a little over 2 weeks ago, and he has changed so much in just those few weeks. Barrett will now have competition for her time though, since my sister Jennifer is due in just a week or two! We're very happy the cousins will be so close in age of course, but sad now that my parents will have to divide their time between two newborns!

Some pictures from this past week:

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