Monday, October 4, 2010

Barrett - Nine months old

Dear Barrett

As usual, I am writing this letter late. Oh well! I have enjoyed you soo much this past month. You have become so much a part of my life that I cannot imagine life without you. Yes, it is so much more difficult to run errands and keep up around the house with a baby underfoot, planning around naptime and bedtime, but my life is so much better these days with you in it.

You are learning to feed yourself and get better every single day! We are still trying purees but you are definitely showing less interest in them and much more interest in feeding yourself. You love to much on cheerios and are working at getting them into your mouth yourself. Those little hands are getting more and more of a workout these days!

You have really developed into such a curious little thing. I watch you and see something catch your attention and you're off like a light to go get it. You love power cords, shoes, and Payton's water bowl. We have to always remember to pick up his dishes because the second you're on the ground, you love to race over to the bowl to stick your hands in them. Then you look up and me with a smile on your face and your hand in the bowl - like you KNOW you're not supposed to do it and are just smiling at me with a mischievous look. I can't get annoyed with you though because it's really cute!

You make me want to be a better mommy. I have surprised myself with how patient I am with you. While I have various virtues, patience isn't one of them. But with you, I'll sit there at your highchair and feed you for 30 minutes, while you decide whether you're going to open your mouth or not. I don't mind things taking longer or you insisting on being carried on walks, because I love being with you and anytime with you makes me happy.

The other day you were near the door at daycare. I caught your attention through the glass and your entire face lit up with such an enormous smile. You came crawling to the window, anxious to see me, and put your palms on the glass against mine. You love to be held and when I'm cooking in the kitchen or in front of the mirror drying my hair, I often feel little tugs on my pants and see a little face looking up at me, wanting to be picked up. And of course, I can never resist!

I can't believe you are 9 months and will be a year so soon! You are such a sweet little thing and bring so much joy to our lives!!


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