Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Will it be trucks or dolls?

Well today is the big day! I am approaching this so differently than the last time As a typical first-time mom last time, my one big thought for the ultrasound was to check the baby's sex. As if that was the most important thing to see! This time I am definitely more ocncerned about the baby's health than anything. The sex will be great to know but is definitely secondary to making sure there's a healthy little baby in there!

But don't get me wrong, I'm still anxious and excited to know the sex and be able to know definitively if there's a little brother or sister on the way!

For fun, here are the ways the old wives tales lean and if they are the same or different to pregnancy #1:

-My skin is totally broken out - is a girl stealing my beauty? Different - I didn't have this with B and I can't say I'm loving this pregnancy symptom
-Heartbeat above 140. Same - B's was usually in the same range. It did drop gradually throughout the pregnancy though
-Carrying high. Similar - I carried high with B
-Nausea. Different - had no nausea with B
-Hair not growing fast on legs. Different - I do think it grew slightly faster with B
-Chinese gender chart - but then this was wrong with B

-Heartbeat sounds like galloping horses. Same
-Craving salt. Different - I craved sweets with B
-Headaches. Same - I did horrible headaches around weeks 13-15 again, similar to what I had with B, but much longer

-Ring test (swinging in circle = girl, back and forth = boy - or maybe it was vice versa) - the ring didn't move much but when it did, it was both in a circle and back and forth. A hermaphrodite, perhaps??
-Mother's intuition - I was so far off with B, I'm not even trying to guess.

I had a feeling at our 13 week ultrasound that the doctor would say boy and I've been calling it "he" the entire time, but I'm not sure if that's really what I think or if I'm just assuming that because #1 was a boy.

So in conclusion, I guess the OWTs lean toward girl, but who knows? I will know in just a few hours and I'm so excited to be able to see this little creature again and know more about who will be in our family for the rest of our lives!

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