Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boys boys boys

My sister and her family came to visit recently and in 2.2 seconds the house turned into a boy playland!  This is funny for us, since we came from a female household.  Trust me, there were no trips to see trucks or soapbox derbies or train restaurants when we were kids!  Poor Caroline was along for the ride.  But when another girl cousin joins the ranks, the activities will have to be a little more balanced.

So we started out with a trip to see the vehicles.  There was a street sweeper, a fire truck, a police car, and a ton of others.  B's favorite thing to see were the police dogs.  He kept saying "doggy!" and petting them.  Not as much interest in the vehicles as his older cousins. 

My sister's family - love the entire family in a row and amazed how they manage 3 kids.  Tim and I sometimes feel overwhelmed with just one!
B in a police car - better the front seat than the backseat, kiddo!

For dinner, we went to a local train-themed restaurant.  Heaven for little boys!
Barrett was mesmerized by the train running around the ceiling of the restaurant.  He kept pointing at it and saying "choo choo!  My choo choo!"

A train brought the food.  Not exactly an award-winning meal, as you'd imagine, but the kids loved it!

Relaxing Sunday morning - 3 little boys, all in a row
 This was pretty much Payton's expression all weekend - a desperate "save me!" expression.  That is, when he wasn't hiding upstairs or under the couch.
Off to the park

So that sums it up!  Barrett picked up all kinds of "fun" ideas from his cousins, like how to push his toys around the floors and how to stand on the family room chairs and rock them backwards.  He wanted to do everything his older cousins did.  Loved seeing them and we had a great time!

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  1. Loved the picture of Payton with the glass door saving him from the kids. :) Great pictures of the weekend!