Monday, October 17, 2011

Just chugging along

We had an amazing weekend.  It was the most fun weekend that we've had in a long time and I enjoyed every moment.

It started Saturday morning with a trip to the local children's museum.  I had bought a couple passes on groupon so it was a good excuse to check it out.  Plus, there was a new train exhibit that I thought Barrett might like.  Boy, did he!  I have never seen this child have such a long attention span to anything like he did to this train set. If I had a dollar for every time I heard the word "choo-choo" this weekend, Barrett's college would probably be paid for.

 While we were looking at the train set, a real train went by.  Funnily, B was the one to notice it, when he shouted "choo-choo!!" even more enthusiastically than he had been. 

 finally, a family picture!  We are averaging one of these every 6 months, so I'll choose to ignore the fact that B refused to look at the camera.

Once we were able to tear him away from the train exhibit, we could check out the rest of the museum as well.  There was a music room:


a building center:
a bubble room:

Someone got a little bubbly...
 inside the bubble
 And then the day got a little long and someone hit a wall.  I'll let you guess who that was.
This was after a car ride that was about 7 minutes or so.  I think he may have had fun!

Saturday night Tim and I went out for a too-rare date night.  We had a great time.  It was fun to get dressed up and have a wonderful meal.  We don't go out just the two of us very often so when we do, we really enjoy it.  It is funny though - when I used to babysit, the parents would stay out until 12 or 1.  Now, we are back home by 9:30 or so, yawning.  We are just too tired to stay out any later!  Will this change when the kiddos get older or are we just big party poopers?  

We had a pretty low-key Sunday.  We made breakfast, went for a long walk, watched football and Tim and Barrett went for a bike ride.  We also made a Thanksgiving dinner.  Since who knows what will be going on for Thanksgiving this year (since I'm due the Friday before) and it's Tim's favorite meal of the entire year, we celebrated a month early with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and rolls.  Yum!  Below is the finished product.  It tasted just as good as it looks.  I wanted to get a picture of the entire meal, but it was devoured before I could.  We also have lots of leftovers, which I'll use to make turkey & wild rice soup and turkey minestrone soup to freeze.   

And that sums up the weekend!  From here on out, our weekends are pretty jam packed until the big baby day.  We're trying to cram in a lot of fall festivities, hanging out with friends, and preparing for baby in just the next few weeks!

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