Thursday, January 5, 2012

Audrey - one month

You are one month old and an amazing addition to our family!  I can't believe you've already been in our lives one month, it has flown but yet in some ways it's hard to imagine our lives before you were here.

The most astonishing thing about you so far is how amazing of a sleeper you are.  I am stunned.  Even in the hospital you were a great sleeper and slept on me for hours night and day.  It hasn't changed.  I haven't let you go too long at night and been waking you up to eat, but the few times I have, you've slept 7 or 8 hours easily.  I'm pretty sure you'd do this every night if we didn't wake you up.  In fact, I don't recall more than once or twice where you've woken us up to eat at night.  When we do wake you up to eat, you barely open your eyes and are right back to sleep.  Some days I swear I don't see your eyes open for 12 hours straight.  I feel so spoiled and am hoping it lasts, but don't want to get too used to it!

You are a very mellow baby.  I wasn't expecting that, since you were so active in my stomach, but so far you've been very easygoing and calm, which is good with your whirlwind brother demanding so much time.  You like to just look around and watch us all.  You love your swing, like your bouncer seat and are calmed down by your pacifier.  You eat every 3-4 hours, around 3oz each time.

I wear you sometimes in the Moby and you seem to do okay with it.  I don't know if you love it but you do pretty well and I really like it so we'll keep at it.  It's really easy to take you places because you are so mellow.  We've been tons of places with you and you basically sleep the entire time. 

I just started putting you in the 3 month clothes instead of newborn and you look so cute in them!  There's still some extra room but I was ready for your adorable new clothes.  At your 1 month appointment you weighed 8lbs11oz and were 20.5".  So just slightly bigger than your brother was at his.  I love seeing your legs and belly starting to get some chub on them. 

Everyone comments on how alert you are and the eye contact you have.  You seemed to really wake up around 1 1/2 weeks and now are just watch everything going on around you.  You absolutely love the peacock toy and are absolutely mesmerized by it.  You were able to raise your hand to bat at it yesterday, which really impressed me!  You smiled for the first time at 3 weeks, on Christmas Eve, at me.  

I am so happy to have you, little girl, and can't wait to see how you develop every month!

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