Sunday, February 5, 2012

Audrey - two months

Dearest Audrey

Happy two month birthday, little girl!  I can't believe you're already two months old, it has gone soo fast.  I still smile looking at you, so happy to have a daughter and so happy to have YOU as a daughter.  I feel incredibly lucky.

You continue to be such an amazing little baby.  I keep waiting for the day it all turns around, but you continue to amaze me.  You still are sleeping a consistent 9 straight hours at night.  Oftentimes too, I have to wake you up in the morning to feed you, so who knows how long you'd sleep if I let you!  You are still next to me in the pack & play bassinet, swaddled.  We moved Barrett to the crib when he was just a few weeks older than you are now, but I'm not anxious to move you at all.  I like having you next to me.

You are so observant and really like staring at your toys.  You like the peacock and this little light-up toy that plays music especially.  No matter which toy we're playing with, your older brother decides that's the one he wants of course.  You also really like to watch the tv when it's on. 

You're very content just chilling in your swing and that's where you take almost all of your naps.  It's so convenient to have you in the family room with us.  You like to just sit in it too and watch all the action.  You also are doing really well at your tummy time.  I have to be really careful when to put you on your tummy, so you won't spit up.

You are a pretty unenthusiastic eater.  I wish you ate a little better, I'm not sure why it seems like you don't have much of an appetite and aren't interested in eating much.  You are eating about 20-25oz per day. You eat best in the morning (5oz bottles) but then in the afternoon and evening, you seem to lose interest and I really have to encourage you to eat.  The morning feedings take about 20 minutes and the later ones take about double that.  You just want to quit and look around.  I'm trying to get you to eat more and fatten you up, kiddo!  You chew on your fist both when you're hungry and when you're tired. 

I have started putting you in real clothes the last two weeks, rather than just sleepers.  It is so cute to put you in little dresses and outfits with little ruffly bottoms.  I have a lot of fun looking at the little girl clothes and planning your outfits.  I will admit that I have already bought a closetful of dresses and outfits for summer and beyond.  I hope I'm buying ahead in the right size.  I'm assuming you'll be growing on par with Barrett, but maybe you'll surprise me and be bigger.

I took you for your two month doctor visit and was thrilled to see that you were 10lbs, 4oz and 22".   The cleft team was very concerned with your slow weight gain two weeks ago, so I'm very happy that you gained a good amount of weight since then and that you were following your growth curve.  You are right around the 35th percentile for height and weight with 50th percentile for head.  You are 8 oz smaller than Barrett at this age, despite being a pound heavier at birth, but I'll take it.

The doctor's visit was great for another reason - you decided to roll over for the first time on the table!  I laid you on your belly to snap the back of your outfit and you decided it was time to show off a little.  Dr Jao and I were impressed.  I commented on how little but strong my kids are and she said "tiny but mighty."  I like that!  You are a strong little girl with the way you hold your body up so well when you're on your tummy and your amazing head control.  Unfortunately the day went downhill after that with lots of fussiness and needing to be held following your shots.  Darn shots!

showing off your sitting skills

I am still getting to know you, little girl, and very glad that you are in our family.  It seems so much more complete now that you're here!


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  1. So nice that you're giving Miss Audrey her own separate posts! Can't wait to see her again =)