Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Barrett - 15 months

Barrett is 15 months now and officially a toddler - and definitely acting the part too. It's as though once he became a walker he figured it was time to go all out for the toddler behavior.

He loves to knock things down. I stack cups and he has a sly little grin on his face as he waits for me to finish and knows what's coming next - his turn to DESTROY the tower! He also loves the game where we put things on our heads and say "ta-da!" His comes out more of a "da!" but he definitely loves this game.

Mr PickyPants has gotten better about eating. He's eating a lot more these days and has the belly to prove it. He's definitely become a lot more roly-poly. Sometimes he eats very nicely in his chair and other times he loves the gravity game, where food, cups, and spoons gets flung to the floor or across the table. Bad luck to Payton if he's standing underneath and ends up with pasta in his ears but good luck to him of course because - yum! I keep telling myself this is just a phase. Right?

He's a great sleeper still - around 11.5 hours at night and down to one decent nap during the day. I much prefer the one nap because it's easier to plan weekend outings this way.

He is the happiest little thing and so friendly. We take him very occasionally to restaurants and he can't get enough of everyone around him. He's such a social little animal and loves to be around people!

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