Thursday, March 24, 2011


Random ongoings of the week:

1. Barrett is sick. Poor baby, he has a yucky nose and a persistent cough. We've been battling this cough since his RSV episode in early January. I am hoping it's just a cold and will go away soon. He's been in good spirits though, so I am glad I at least have my baby.

2. Tim also seems to be getting this cold. I, so far, have just seemed to get my cough back again but no cold yet (knock on wood!) I think I deserve a passover on this one, considering how many colds I have gotten in the last few months. This sickness means that he sleeps badly though meaning I sleep badly. He spent the last few nights in our guest room. And we both slept amazingly well. We better get healthy before we get too used to sleeping apart and start to enjoy it too much!

3. The weather here was amazing the last week or so but is back to nasty rain and cold today. Where, oh where, is spring? My poor tulips have already poked through the ground and I just know that they're going to be covered in snow again before March is out. This always seems to happen!

4. Tim was officially promoted at work this week. I am incredibly proud of him. He definitely deserves this and I'm glad to see him getting well-deserved recognition!

5. Baby Barrett is growing into a full-fledged toddler. This means opinions. He has got a rebellious side and has started testing our rules. Don't get me wrong - he's still the sweetest and happiest little thing, but I see the wheels turning in his head as he does something he knows is naughty and watches for our reaction. Last night it was splashing his sippy cup around in the dog's water bowl.

This is all of the goings-on of our week so far. We have a fun weekend ahead! I hope everyone has a good weekend too!

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