Monday, March 28, 2011

#2 vs #1

How is this pregnancy different than the last one? Well it's quite a bit different so far! First, I've been experiencing a lot more nausea this time than last. I'm definitely having bouts during the last few days (starting around 5 1/2 weeks) where I feel sick to my stomach. It's no fun! I feel bad for people who go through even worse than this. No puking yet, but just a general sick feeling. Ugh. Also, I've been craving a lot of salty food. As I recall with #1, I think I was mostly craving carbs and sweets, but this time, I'm definitely wanting salty things - chex mix, pretzels, rice covered in soy sauce, etc. Not sure what that's about! I did read that a desire for salty foods may indicate a need for more sodium as blood volume and body tissues are increasing. Could that be it?

The problem is though, that the hunger I had a week or two ago has now been replaced by this awful nausea and I have to force myself to eat. I'm not hungry but I force myself to eat because, you know, it's probably important for me to have food while I'm growing a person, but then I feel yucky afterwards and sick. I knew I was just too lucky the first time around!!

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