Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Barrett lately

Not to be outdone with all Audrey's monthly updates, I want to make sure I write about what's going on with our other kiddo these days too.  He is in the midst of being two and a little dynamo!

Barrett is soaking up words non-stop.  He will whip out these words that I didn't even know he knew, like pointing out geese to me the other day.  I didn't even know he knew the difference between birds and geese.  He really is speaking in sentences lately of about 2 to 4 words.  He still loves to point out what belongs to whom and what's his.  He is definitely exerting his independence by requesting "I hold it" when he wants to carry something and wanting to pull his wagon down the sidewalk instead of being pulled by us. 

Food is still an annoying issue, for our little picky one.  His latest loves are doughnuts and bagels (pronounced do-notes and baay-gahs) and jellybeans. Healthy, right?  He continues to drink a ton of milk and would eat only fruit if I let him.  He loves cereal and his favorite activity is taking all the cereal boxes out of the pantry, opening them, and pulling out the bags.  His favorite color is blue and he's always requesting a blue cup or blue plate.  No more toddler silverware, now he must have the regular forks and spoons. 

He is learning his letters and numbers.  He can point out the letter B and we're working on some other letters, like E and M. He's so cute singing the alphabet song, which he probably half knows.  He can count somewhat when prompted and is very good with pointing out two of things.  But if you ask him to count other numbers, he often says "seven, eight, nine, ten," so he's no pro yet.  He also knows his shapes.  I love hearing him say diamond and oval, with his little baby voice. 

He loves books and his favorite now is "Big Elmo bookie."  He still loves Elmo and The Wiggles.  He loves to dance and is really into music lately.  He has zero interest in his old bear Baby and hasn't for months now.  But he's still obsessed with his blanket "Blue Body" and lugs it around to daycare and back every day and refuses to sleep without it. 

His favorite games are flying through the house "I fy!", being chased "Run, mommy!" and collapsing onto the sofa to be tickled and hugged.  He still lets me give him hugs and cuddles but sometimes squirms away.  He is good at holding my hand when we walk.  I think he misses our time together when I was on leave because he's always trying to get my attention in the evenings and weekends. 

Barrett is into EVERYTHING these days.  He's up on the table, up on the island, pulling open drawers.  Thank goodness he hasn't figured out doorknobs yet.  His teacher told me he's her little Curious George and I can't say I disagree!  She told me that last week she turned her back to hand a parent a sheet of paper and in that time, Barrett managed to find the paint and spill it all over himself.  She said in all her years teaching no child's ever found the hiding spot for the paint but wouldn't you know that our little Bear would?  He's such a monkey!

He makes us laugh, he drives us crazy, he's such a silly little boy!

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