Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Tuesday's Randoms

1.  I have been sick for over 8 weeks straight now.  There was a brief respite of about two days when I was finally getting better and only had a sore throat, but that was just the segue into yet another cold.  8 weeks, people.  I think I've forgotten what it's like to be healthy.  I know my co-workers are loving all my germs but they can take it up with my two year old and his insane need to touch everything in a 10 foot vicinity.

2.  I just remembered that we have two boxes of Girl Scout cookies still in our pantry, hidden behind the bags of chips at the very top.  I hope I forget again so they can stay there a little longer. 

3.  Speaking of #2, Barrett has a very lively sweet tooth and Tim likes to blame me.  I did eat a lot of oreos while I was pregnant with him but that was only to encourage me to drink milk.  It was for his own health.  I deny that it's my fault he loves sweets but let's face it, it probably is.  He looked at me Saturday morning when I asked if he wanted eggs or cereal and said with a straight face "jellybeans." Yeah right, coming right up. 

4.  Yesterday Payton was sniffing around Audrey's seat while I was buckling her in and Barrett points at him and says "No Payton!  Dat's B-Audee's.  Walk away!"  It cracked me up.  Daycare tells the kids to walk away when they come around looking to get into trouble.  I am guessing he hears that said to him more than once or twice a day.

5.  I finally got the Pottery Barn kids chairs that I've been eying for a year now. I got an email that they were $20 off on Saturday so ordered one for each of the kids.  They are so cute and I know Barrett will like it, so I finally bit the bullet. I am excited to see how he reacts to a chair his size just for him.  Here's the chair, minus the name obviously:
6.  Tim and I had an actual date night Saturday night.  It was pretty great - we had a dinner where we both were seated at the same time, didn't involve food being thrown on the floor, forks being banged on the table and didn't end in tears. Then we went to see Hunger Games.  Loved it!  It was our the 3rd movie we've seen in the theaters in the last 3 years.  Of course once you added up the cost of dinner + movie + babysitter ($$$!!!), we might as well have just gone on a cruise. 

Those are my randoms for today.  Clearly it's not all fireworks and parades in our lives these days, this is all I've got. 

Looking forward to seeing my sister and her family this weekend!


  1. My kids love their chairs! As a warning they are flipped over and used as mountain climbing practice, which I am pretty sure the catalogue never tells you!
    I hear you on the illness, I have had a handful of healthy days since before Christmas. Must be all of the runny noses I am wiping. I am still waiting for my sick days to be approved by my bosses...

  2. Hmmm...8 weeks, eh? Do we really want to come visit this weekend? :)j/k We'll be bringing our own set of germs to share! Love the "walk away" comment! It's great that Barrett can boss someone around other than you guys. We didn't have that--could have been helpful in the long run. Can't wait to see you all!