Thursday, April 12, 2012


Easter was a wonderful time this year.  My parents came up to visit, which was fun since they hadn't seen the kiddos for a few months.  And it's always fun to have someone else to gush over their adorableness with!  My co-workers can only take so much. 

They came up Friday night so we had pretty much the entire weekend.  Saturday was spent at the Children's Museum, I caught an afternoon nap (yeah for 2 more sets of hands to watch the kids!) and we went to Heaven on Seven that night, a cajun restaurant that is oh so delicious.   Sunday we went to church to celebrate Easter and made lunch.  We ate ham, fruit salad, rolls, and a three cheese mashed potato casserole (sans butter) that was delicious. 

I forced everyone outside for pictures and Barrett's day was made by a fire truck that went by our house as we were taking photos.  He continued to talk about it through the next day. 

The following photos were accomplished with the help of a little bribery of doughnut holes and jellybeans. Hey, they worked!

an actual family photo?  Must be an Easter miracle

a little too sunny I think

 Not a great picture, but this is the only one that shows the kids' Easter baskets

the sweetest little bunny I've ever seen

I failed at doing an Easter egg hunt and dying eggs this year.  Barrett did do an egg hunt at school, so at least he got one experience with it.  Next year we'll do both for sure!  There just aren't enough hours for everything I want to do in a day. 

We had a great time with my parents and Barrett asked for Mimi and Papa the next few days. 

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  1. Amazing pictures, I am so impressed and jealous! I will have to remember doughnut bribery! Looks like you had a fantastic Easter!