Sunday, July 8, 2012

Audrey - Seven months

Audrey is now seven months.  She still seems to me like such a little peanut but I look at other kids her age and they seem so old.  I'm not sure if she just seems younger or if I'm delusional.

We've continued on with food and sure enough, she's following the anti-food patterns of her older brother.  We tried carrots, peas, and butternut squash.  She's not so impressed.  I am pretty bummed because I was hoping that this time around we might not have the food struggles we had last time.  But alas, we do.  I say I got good sleepers and terrible eaters, but I'll take that over the reverse.  Her eating patterns are the same, about 5 or 6 bottles per day of 5-6oz.  She still isn't an enthusiastic drinker and seems like she'd be perfectly content just not eating all day.  Silly goose. 

She loves to sit and is a little rolling machine.  Every time we put her down on her back, she rolls over onto her belly.  She's also big into pushing herself backwards while she's on her back to scooch.  Little mover and shaker!  It makes diaper changes more challenging.  She is so curious and reaching for EVERYTHING.  She bends forward as far as she can to reach for anything in the vicinity.  Her favorites are my necklaces.  Oh my goodness, does this little girl love my jewelry.  We had family photos taken and I had to take off my necklace because she wouldn't look up or let it go long enough to get a single photo.  A little girl that loves jewelry - just after my heart!

When she found out she could rock the chair by shifting her weight, she started going crazy, bouncing up and down and rocking it back and forth so fast!

Her hair continues to get longer.  I can't tell what color it's coming in underneath yet.  It looks very blond at times but also looks kind of light brown, so we'll have to wait and see.  Her newborn dark hair just keeps growing and growing so I have to pin it back with a barrette every day or it hangs down below her eyes in her face.  It's funny because I'm so used to seeing her with the ever-present bow in her hair that when we don't put it in, she looks so different to me, with long bangs hanging in her face and her mop of hair. 

She continues to be an amazing sleeper.  She falls asleep with her final bottle around 8:15-8:30 and I carry her sleeping little body up to bed.  If she happens to be awake when I lay her down, the musical seahorse does the trick and she puts herself to sleep.  Then during the week, I wake her up around 7am.  On the weekends when we let her sleep longer, she sleeps closer to 8am or so.  Still a bad napper.  Oh well. 

Her favorite toys are her Sophie giraffe and her musical Fisher Price seahorse.  She still likes her piano and she likes her exercauser okay.  I am excited to get her music table out soon.  We hadn't used the swing in our bedroom for a while so finally put that away.  We still have the other swing set up in our family room but haven't used it in a while either so it's probably time to put it away.  It was sad to put away the swing!  I don't miss those early infant days but I do get sad watching little girl growing so quickly.

She loves watching other kids and continues to want to watch all the action.  She gets distracted easily while eating and cranes her head to watch Barrett especially.  This age is so fun when kiddos become so aware and nosy.  I know she will be trying to scooch herself around so soon to be a part of it all.

Audrey's still the best little behaved baby I've ever seen.  We get constant compliments on her calmness and I've been told she's the favorite baby at the daycare.  We are so head over heels in love with her.

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