Thursday, July 12, 2012

Patriotic babies

Well, this 4th of July was a bit of a bust unfortunately.  Due to my hectic work schedule, I had to work the entire weekend before and the day of (blech).  So we couldn't do anything fun - no cookouts, no fireworks, no festivals, nada.  It turned out to be okay, I guess, because the weather was so stinking hot that no one wanted to do much of anything anyway.  Like 100+ degree temps.  Some of the towns cancelled their fireworks because of the drought we're experiencing and also some parades due to lack of power.  (We'd had some massive storms roll through the preceding weekend and some towns lost power.)

So Tim was on kid-duty and I assigned him the job of taking at least a few photos to document the holiday.

Here are my patriotic kiddos!

Audrey was so in the spirit that she even woke up that morning with a raging red rash on her cheek.  Now that she's rolling to her tummy to sleep sometimes, we think she's sleeping with her face in her drool.  Poor thing! 

And clearly Daddy was in charge of getting the kids ready, which explains the crazy hair!  I guess they were celebrating Independence Day with some independence from the hairbrush.  :)

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