Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 Happy Halloween!  I am kind of a cheeseball about this holiday.  I love to see the little ones all dressed up in their costumes.  I still remember the nervous anticipation of this holiday and the excitement at seeing everyone look so out-of-the-ordinary.  It's fun to relive some of the feelings now as a parent. 

I know I have limited time left while I can still dress Barrett in cute costumes, before he wants to be superman or a transformer or some other total boy costume, so I had to take advantage of it of course.  Barrett was just the cutest little monkey and LOVED his costume.  He was so excited to wear it. 

The Saturday before Halloween we met some of our friends for trick-or-treating in a local town.  It was great fun to see our friends again and to enjoy a gorgeous day.  Barrett understood what he was supposed to be doing so we got a big kick out of watching him.  
 Little miss ladybug was along for the ride too. 

 Last  year Barrett was in awe but afraid of this Elmo but this year, he ran right up to give hugs.

 This is Audrey's latest move.  When she's feeling silly, she'll crane back as far as she can, smiling.  I love to nibble on her neck when she does this. 
 Afterwards, we went to the local library to play.  They have a great library, with the entire basement for kids, lots of books and puzzles and tables to play on.
 Walking back to the car.  This is Barrett's oldest friend, who he met when he was just 12 weeks old.  These two love each other and are so cute together.

I even got in on the Halloween action for once.  Halloween has become somewhat of a big holiday at my company in the last few years.  They really encourage costumes, and served apple cider donuts and apple cider in the morning.  For lunch, they brought in pizzas and cake, lots of candy and had awards for costumes.  My department is known for being the stick-in-the-muds at holiday season.  This year we decided to fool everyone.  We were all dressed in our normal clothes and received lots of eye rolling at our lack of participation yet again.  Then mid-morning, we dressed up as sumo wrestlers and paraded around the office to the song "I'm Sexy and I Know It."  Yes, this is what I wore:

It was completely unexpected, especially coming from me, who is usually pretty straight laced at work!

Halloween night was a little tough because it was a weeknight and so the usual madcap race to daycare and home ensued.  But we managed to get around the neighborhood.  We actually met up with our neighbors, who were heading out the same time we were, so it was nice to have some company.   Unfortunately, I didn't get too many photos because it was so late and we needed to get going. Oh well.

So that's our Halloween! It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is now just around the corner!

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  1. I want to see the picture of YOU in that sumo suit!!!

    Love A&B's costumes =)