Sunday, December 2, 2012

Audrey - 12 months

My Audrey.  I knew I would love you but I had no idea how much you would hold my heart.  You are my angel.  You are one year now and I wish I could rewind time and live some of this last year over again.  It has gone so fast and I already feel like timing is flying by with you faster than it did with your brother.

I think back to a year ago now, when we met for the first time.  You came out all fiesty and spirit (if quite reluctantly) but immediately calmed down to your sweet cuddly self.  You were an old soul from the start.  You barely had your eyes open for the first few weeks.  In the hospital, you slept on me, curled up and snuggly, every night.  I couldn't bear to send you to the nursery once I had a bit of your sweet and peaceful cuddles.  How different you were from the start from your brother, who I'd hear crying down the hall.  You were serene and calm from the beginning.

Our beginning did not start out how I expected and I still mourn the moments lost when I handed you off to others to eat.  But there's no denying that our bond is unshakeable, whether you ate in my arms or any others.  Your mama is your favorite person and you are my favorite little girl.

You are still a teeny little thing, at barely over 17lbs. You wear size 3 diapers and are fitting in and outgrowing some of your 12 month clothes.  Your hair continues to grow and I constantly keep a bow in it to keep it out of your face and eyes.  Although you went through a phase a few months ago where you were pulling it out, you pretty much leave it alone now and I'm glad for that.  Headbands, though, are a different story. 

You love to be held.  Although you're showing interest in standing and taking tentative steps with help and with the walkers, your favorite place is in my arms.  I often feel a little tug on my legs, look down and see you staring up at me, waiting to be picked up.  You are so content just hanging out in my arms.

Your personality is really starting to come out.  You are a rascal!  You love to head over to Payton's food and water bowls.  Sometimes you just sit there, then when we see you and start to rush over to pick them up, you get a big grin and reach out to stick your hands in them.  Fun game for you!  You are starting to hold your own with your brother, trying to keep him from taking your toys.  You like to grab his and I wonder sometimes if part of you is doing it to get a rise out of him?  Catching on already, little sister? 

You are a mama's girl, that is for sure.  You are much more reserved and hesitant.  Not one to just jump into anyone's arms and not one to just smile indiscriminately at strangers.  You need to warm up to people and even then, you're still comfortable primarily in my arms, observing. 

I cannot imagine our family without your little spirit.  You are such a very special part of my life and I'm so incredibly thankful you are ours. 

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