Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bringing Home Baby

I would be remiss to not post about the wonderful greeting we had when we brought Harrison home from the hospital! 

When we brought Barrett home, it was a quiet and snowy December 26, and we arrived to a quiet and clean house and I spent the rest of the day nuzzling a sweet little newborn, hanging out in the window to help his jaundiced skin and taking photos of the little one.

When we brought Audrey home, we relieved my parents of babysitting duties, they headed for home and we fell back into the hectic pace of life with a needy two year old and now a newborn.

This time, we arrived home to a PARTY!  My parents were in town to watch B and A and my sister and brother-in-law had come up with their 4 kids to visit, so there were 10 people at our house, waiting to greet Harrison.

The kids each decorated a sign for the door to greet us when we arrived. It was so cute to pull up and see the signs.  Thanks to my sister, the preschool teacher!

The highlight for the kids of course was the Happy Birth Day cookie cake that my dad had bought.  Perhaps part of the excitement of our arrival was that it was finally time to dig in to the cake they'd been drooling over all afternoon?  When I asked Barrett if he was excited that Harrison was home, I believe the answer was that he wanted some cookie.  The kids were crazy, playing and running all around the house.  

Caroline, my sister's 4 year old daughter, couldn't wait to hold Harrison.  She is such a sweetie, covered him with the blanket that her older brother Jack had made, and proclaimed that he was her baby.

And my parents attempted a photo of all their grandkids, less Audrey, who was down for a nap.  It was insanity.  This was the best of the bunch, if that tells you anything!

And so Harrison was welcomed to his new home! It was loud, fun and crazy, so the perfect greeting for him of what was to come as the littlest member of our family.

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