Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life with 3 - the first month

The first few weeks home, the kids begged to hold Harrison every morning.  They couldn't wait to see him and begged to hold him.  The first morning he was home was no exception.
Barrett holding his new baby brother. 
Audrey holding her new baby brother.

And we refereed regular arguing over who got to hold him first and most.  Barrett was obviously pouting over not being able to hold him at the current moment.
Audrey included Harrison in her regular play.  Our anti-pajama 2 year old shared all her toys and dolls with her brother.  He was a very willing playmate.  Every time I turned around, she was laying her toys and dolls on him, putting hats on his head, and bracelets on his wrist.  She loves him so much.

I love sneaking up on them and catching them "playing" together.
And there's nothing like the snuggles of a newborn and how they can fall asleep anywhere.  The sweet head nuzzled into your neck, the weight of that sweet bottom on your arm, and their sweet, sweet smell.  Oh, it's like nothing else in the entire world.

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