Wednesday, February 17, 2010

8 weeks

It was an eventful week! We had some visitors and played a lot. We think that Barrett is definitely developing more of a little boy look and less of a generic baby look. We definitely are seeing his distinct features now and think they're all adorable! He *hopefully* seems to be getting over the fussy hump and is now generally in a good mood. He has really started to want to be held a lot so we're starting to build up our arm muscles.

Payton tries to play with Barrett, but he had to settle for playing on Barrett instead. Be patient, Payton, it'll be a little while before Barrett is much use to you.

We also had visitors! My friend Laura, her son AJ and dog Ella came to visit. She brought sushi for lunch, which I hadn't had in a YEAR so it tasted especially delicious. My friend Jen also came by, but we didn't get any pictures. Unfortunately Barrett slept most of the time, but we'll be sure to get one the next time we see her.

AJ is 8 months old and crawling. It's hard to believe Barrett will soon be that big!

sleeping through the playdate

Barrett is generally very mild mannered. However, when he does get fussy, boy does he let you know! We captured his pouty lip in the below picture - definitely gets that from mommy! How sad is that face?!

Napping in his swing - little hand sneaking out at the bottom.

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