Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Barrett - Two months old

Dear Barrett

You are now two months old! The last two months have flown by so quickly, we can't believe you've been a part of our lives for two months now. You are incredibly alert now. Everyone comments on how alert you are and aware of what is going on. You have grown a lot in the last few months. You weigh 10lbs, 12oz now and are 22 1/2" long. You're now in the 30th percentile for height and weight. I cannot believe you're 3 inches longer than you were at birth! No wonder you have outgrown the newborn napper part of the pack n play! Your feet were starting to reach the end so we have to move you to the bottom part of the bassinet.

You love baths and try to push yourself up in the seat with your feet. When you lock those legs, it's impossible to bend them, you are so strong! You've started grabbing Mommy's long hair and it's so hard to get it out of your fist, you hold on so tight. She may need to get a haircut or can foresee losing lots of hair to your strong grasp.

You like to sit in your bouncer seat in the mornings when Mommy eats breakfast and just look around very calmly. You notice the mobile now and watch the characters moving above your head. Today you reached up to touch the toys dangling above your head on the playmat and moved them on your own. It was exciting to see! You have really started to like to be held in the last few weeks and sometimes insist on being carried around the house. Mommy and Daddy will be getting huge muscles at this rate!

We've taken you to multiple restaurants now. Sometimes we think you'll sleep so we can eat, but no, not you! You are so interested in the noise and action at the restaurants and refuse to sleep, you want to be a part of the action!

Mommy took you for your two month shots and you definitely did not like those. There was much screaming and fussing and it broke Mommy's heart. It has also thrown off your sleeping schedule - you had been in a pattern for a few weeks now where you'd wake up at 5:15am, like clockwork, but the last few nights you've been waking up earlier. We hope you'll start sleeping longer at night, since Mommy will be going back to work soon and needs some sleep!

We love having you in our lives. Your smiles and laughs light up our days. You are our darling little angel!

Mommy and Daddy

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