Saturday, February 13, 2010

Outgrowing the Newborn Clothes

Our little baby Bear has now officially outgrown his newborn clothes. I folded up and put away his little teeny tiny onesies and footie sleepers to be replaced by slightly bigger teeny tiny onesies and footie sleepers. And it made me sad! I am thrilled that our little baby is gaining weight - every ounce he gains and every inch he grows is a testament to my hard work and hours of sleep lost, so I'm thrilled he's growing and healthy.

But it makes me realize that my little baby will not be a little baby for long.

Before I know it he'll be one and running away from me in the park to go play, two and turning away from my kisses, four and shutting the door to his bedroom for privacy.

But for now, he's mine, all mine. I spend hours a day holding him and touching him, but it doesn't seem enough. I inhale his sweet baby scent and wish I could freeze these moments forever. I want to always be able to feel his tiny fingers gripping mine to his palm, to see his entire face light up with a gummy smile, to touch those soft chubby, dimpled cheeks, and to feel the slight weight of that little bottom resting on my forearm. He nuzzles his face into my neck as I hold him, and I close my eyes and wish time would freeze right then and there.

I'm incredibly excited to see him grow and watch him develop into a little boy, to watch him learn and experience new things, to hear the funny things he'll say and to see who he'll become. But I wish I could capture these moments now, to save a week, a day, an hour of this precious time and put them into a box to store away, so that when he loses that sweet baby scent and when he turns from my kisses and when he doesn't wear fuzzy sleepers anymore but wears jeans and tennis shoes and smells like a little boy, I can take out these moments and have them back again. Already, they are too brief and disappearing too fast...

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  1. Megan...I think you should quit your day job and be a writer! That brought a tear to my eye.