Monday, June 7, 2010

Barrett - Five months old

Dear Barrett -

I am very delinquent in writing your five month letter and maybe that's because I don't want you to get any older! Please stop growing up so fast! Every month seems to fly by faster than the one before and I wish I knew how to freeze time to make it all slow down. I see more of your little personality every day. And there isn't anything not to love! You smile all the time now, are always looking around and curious about everything around you, you rarely fuss, only when you're tired or bored. You've really started reaching those pudgy little hands out to grab at things, at books, at toys, at mommy's hair - ouch! You love to stick your fingers in my mouth while I nurse you and smile when I nibble on those fingers. You love to be held and I love that you're such a cuddler. I hope that never changes.


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