Thursday, June 3, 2010


Two weekends ago we made the trek down to Indianapolis to visit my sister and her family. It was great fun! We finally were able to meet her baby Caroline, who is a mere 8 weeks younger than Barrett and see her two other boys, Jack (4) and Grant (2). The doctors predict our hearing will return to normal soon.
It was pretty low-key. After all, with 4 kids between us, I think our wild and crazy days are behind us.

We were lucky enough to be there on Jennifer's birthday. I'm pretty sure some candles are missing.

Little finger-suckers

Side by side babies. Started out so well...

Then a little boy crawled on the back of the chair and one of them had a little spit-up issue...

At least one child is happy!

Loving those big fat baby thighs!


Us trying to corral some restless kids. Surprisingly, the babies were the easy ones

Barrett already making the moves. I don't think this child knows a stranger

"Are those things for real? Let me push them and see if they'll pop!"

"And my, what a tasty looking arm you have..."

"yum, yum, nearly there"

"Just kidding!"

Our family

Their family

I really wish we lived closer to each other. Sometimes I get really sad that we live so far away from family. Yesterday my co-worker went to her grand-niece's kindergarten graduation and was telling me how the entire family was there and had a big party afterwards and it made me sad that Barrett won't have that. I know my family will come visit for the big stuff, but they just live too far away to come to school recitals or Halloween parties, won't be there for Saturdays at the park or random runs through the sprinklers. I didn't grow up near cousins or grandparents and I really wish my kids would be close to theirs. We are hoping there will be a time when this will change...

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