Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial day in St Louis

Finally - pictures from our Memorial Day trip to St Louis - long overdue clearly! We took a few extra days off work and visited my parents at their house and their lakehouse. It was incredibly relaxing to get away for a few days and hang out together. I absolutely loved spending six days straight as a family, it was great to have all the time together.

We started out the week by meeting up with my friend Abbey and her two adorable kiddos for lunch. It's hard to believe, but we have been friends for 17 years now. Holy cow! That makes us (old?)long-time friends. We miss Brian and Abbey up in Chicago but at least she's back in St Louis so I can see her when I go home.

On Thursday we went the zoo. One thing I love about the Lou - so many of the attractions are free. If we wanted to go to the zoo in Chicago, it would probably take over an hour to navigate traffic and we'd end up dropping around $40 just to get in.

It was a super hot day. It was wonderful to finally feel some heat, but may have been a little extreme!

I think the heat got to someone -

Exhausted baby later that night! He fell asleep right in Daddy's arms. It was a long day.

Memorial Day celebration. They had lots of kids-oriented events: bouncy houses, arts and crafts, one of those big swing rides, animals to pet, snow cones. The only event Barrett participated in was the stroller ride. Maybe next year.

Watching the Cardinals game together

Hanging out on the deck

Poor baby got Mommy's very fair skin. He has a lifetime of spf50 and hats to look forward to!

Tim fishing off the dock and my dad pulling up the paddleboat

Tim's catch. Not as good as the 3 foot stick-bass I caught a few years ago, but I guess it's okay.

On our way home. What a fun weekend!

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  1. There are LOTS of free things in the city of Chicago...maybe not the burbs of Chicago =) Even the zoo is free! Of course, you do have to pay $20 for parking.

    Looks like I need to buy Mr. Barrett a Cubs outfit...somebody's trying to turn him into a Cardinals fan!