Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Barrett - Six months old

Dear Barrett

Oh, kiddo, can you please stop growing so quickly? Seriously, my love, I cannot believe you are already half of a year! Each month seems to be going faster than the previous and I feel like life is going faster than a roller coaster since you've been in our lives.

The last month you have brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. You are really becoming your own person now. You can now roll over from your back to your belly. Once you got that done, now you are a rolling machine. We put you on your back, turn away for a second, and you're already on your belly, up on your hands and looking all around. Now that you have control of it, you love to be on your tummy now. You wake up on your belly every single morning now. You also sit up on your own now. You are not 100% with it, if you get distracted or try to turn your head - whoops - down you go. But you are becoming a great sitter.

The latest addition to our lives - two new teeth, the 2nd of which appeared today! I think you were really bothered by these two little sharp white teeth, because you weren't your normal, happy self for a while, so it was hard to see you so sad. But today you were in a great mood, so hopefully the worst of it is behind us for a while. You look so different with those two little bottom teeth in!

Your new best friend is Payton (although I'm not so sure he feels exactly the same way!). You love everything he does. You get such a kick out of watching him chase toys, wag his tail, and even lick your feet. Oh the smiles you give when you watch Payton! Your laughs are the best. You almost sound like you're upset, because it's this loud squeal, but really you're just so delighted and happy.

You are so easy to have as a son. You love to be held and carried around, love to have your tummy kissed, love to watch your musical seahorse. This month we bought a baby bjorn, and you love to sit in it and just look all around. You had been getting tired of being so cooped up in your stroller, so this is a nice, new viewpoint for shopping and walks.

I can't get over how little you are. At your 6 month doctor appointment, you weigh 16lbs, 4 oz, which is the 28th percentile, and are 26" tall, which is the 32nd percentile. You are such a little peanut! But you are the perfect size for carrying and cuddling, so I can't say I mind.

We made our first attempts at feeding you oatmeal. Oh boy, were you not into that! You made faces, blew raspberries (spraying food all over us, might I add) and turned your head in disgust. We will try again in a week or two. You can't eat just milk forever, baby!

Words cannot even adequately express the joy you've given me over the last 6 months. You have turned me into a MOTHER. We've both learned and grown this last half-year - this is my first time as a mom too, you know - and I adore being your mom. It's been an incredibly wild ride and I've loved it all!



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