Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day festivities

We had a busy Labor Day weekend - and so much fun! My sister and her family came up to visit and we went to the Last Fling in our town. There were a lot of rides, fair food, and tons of stuff for kids - a magician, bouncy houses, and a petting zoo. Now I'm finally appreciating all the activities the area has for kids, now that I have one.

The kiddos playing together - well, next to each other anyway. They are pretty much the same size, which is funny considering that they're 8 weeks apart. Barrett loved crawling and chasing after his older cousins all weekend. I think he'll spend lots of time trying to keep up with the big boys!

The boys painted a car - pretty funny to see

Grant especially loved the petting zoo

No petting the animals for Barrett, as much as he'd want to

Then we went to an apple orchard too. It seemed early to already be going apple-picking, but actually the weather dropped in temperature and was overcast, so it felt pretty fall-ish and perfectly appropriate for apple picking!

Jennifer lent me her mei tei and I loved wearing B in it. He ended up falling asleep in it, it was pretty darn cute.

And now we have lots of apples to eat and cook with. I envision some apple crisp a la mode. yum!

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