Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And he crawls

After weeks of looking so incredibly close to crawling, we have finally achieved it. Little B is officially a crawler - and Mommy's job just got a whole lot harder.
He started crawling Sunday and just 48 hours later he looks like he's been doing it forever. He is all over the place now and so happy. He just keeps crawling around the floor, with a smile on his face. Our newly independent little boy! He looks so cute on his hands and knees, with that little tushy up in the air.
I was reading up on childproofing and it's amazing that any of us survived childhood. There's so many things that I would never even think of - foil and saran wrap, for example, because of the serrated edge on the box. That would never have crossed my mind We have a massive job ahead of us, since our house couldn't be less child-friendly. Barrett has already worked his way over to the fireplace, the stairs and the wine rack, so we have lots to do!
And not only is he crawling now, but he's starting to try to pull up on things too. Where did our helpless little baby go?!

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