Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How big is belly? SO big!

I am entering my 3rd trimester this week. Wait, let me write that how I say it to myself in my head: IamenteringmythirdtrimesterholycraphowamIenteringmythirdtrimester?!?! Yes, that's more accurate.

Mentally, I don't feel as far along as I am. With the last pregnancy, we went away for a long weekend when I was 25 weeks and I remember feeling a lot further along that I do now. I had that first pregnancy feeling that my belly couldn't possibly get any bigger and that I was as huge as a house, I'd been pregnant forever, and so I must be quite close to the end. Now I know how loooong the last few months are so I still feel like I'm in the early stages and have a long way to go. For some reason, my head still feels like it's in the early stages of the pregnancy, like maybe the end of 1st tri, instead of the beginning of 3rd.

(Sidenote: isn't it funny how the first time around you also feel like you're the first person in the world who's ever been pregnant and no one else can possibly know what it feels like because it's so special and crazy what's happening to you and all you can think about it your pregnancy and your baby? Haha.)

Physically, though, I am definitely feeling every bit of third trimester. I am feeling a lot more uncomfortable than I did last time. Just bigger, more achy, etc. The best way I can describe it - like someone is blowing up a balloon inside my stomach and it's putting all this pressure on me from inside with the expansion and there's no room for it to get any bigger, but it's still trying. Yup, that's how I've been feeling. Tim brought up that maybe this baby could be bigger than B. I guess that could be, but it still seems early to be feeling sooo pregnant like I do know.

We still have a lot to do:
-pick a name (haven't even narrowed down to a list of choices!)
-get the nursery in order
-get Barrett into a bed or buy a new crib (I keep going back and forth on if I want to transition him into a bed or not)
-figure out the daycare situation while I'm on leave and after I return to work
-buy bedding and any other miscellaneous stuff we need for a second baby

And somehow I'm already less than 100 days out from the due date and entering the final third of the pregnancy.

I know that in a month or two, I'll be ready for this all to be over, but right now I just wish this pregnancy would slow down. As uncomfortable as I am, I would freeze time if I could now, just to make sure I have enough time to do all that needs to be done before baby #2 arrives!

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