Friday, August 5, 2011

Pregnancy - 25 weeks!

Milestones from this week's email:
The baby is around 13.5 inches and weighs about a pound and a half - skinny minney! But she's starting to gain some weight and will begin to gain her baby fat and her skin will be getting more smooth and less wrinkly. Her brain is growing and lungs are developing and she's growing her hair. Her taste buds are developing (she's probably enjoying the chocolate chunk cookies that we got at Costco last weekend!). My uterus is around the size of a soccer ball - so that explains the big belly (not the aforementioned cookies, obviously!)

Barrett is funny because he loves pointing out our bellies. I ask him what is in mine and he says "baby!" although I know he has no idea what that means.

How far along? 25 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: not much in the past few weeks, surprisingly. I think around 10-12 still
Maternity clothes? yes, primarily. I bought some Paige maternity jeans and have made the switch from the non-maternity to maternity version. Love them!
Stretch marks? None.
Sleep? okay. I have started to really try to sleep on my side, rather than my back, since this is the time that it's recommended to change for improved blood flow. I do miss the back sleeping though...
Movement? comes and goes. She was so active for a few weeks but then was pretty mellow and is back to active again. I feel the movement high and low though, so she's definitely getting longer
Food cravings? no change, still fruits. Italian soda. not much else that I've noticed.
Gender? girl!
Belly button in or out? In. but flattening!
What I miss: being able to lean over and put Barrett in his crib without the pressure on my belly. I am still lifting him and carrying him a lot and just can't fathom stopping that.
What I'm looking forward to: getting the nursery started. But what I'm not looking forward to: cleaning out the guest room and closet!
Milestones: 24 weeks is considered viability week! This is a milestone for when doctors will make every reasonable attempt to save the baby if it's born. Obviously I want baby girl to stay cooking for at least 12 more weeks, but it's a milestone to know that we've reached a point where she would have a chance of survival if anything were to happen.

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