Thursday, March 1, 2012

Audrey - three months

My dear little Audrey Kate -

These last three months have flown by in the blink of an eye.  You have been such an easy addition to our family.  I keep waiting for you to change, to stop sleeping and to become difficult but you continue to be the sweetest little baby.  I have to pinch myself!

You are the most amazing sleeper I have ever seen.  You consistently sleep 10+ hours a night.  You go down around 8 or 8:30 and I wake you weekdays at 6:45.  Not a peep out of you all night.  It's truly astonishing.  You are inconsistent with your naps.  I know I'm partially to blame for this - I didn't work to get you on a regular nap schedule, so mostly you just catnap throughout the day, but will sometimes take long naps for us at home.  Not so much at daycare.  The only trouble we've ever had with your sleeping was in the first two months - it was a challenge getting you down for the night.  But around 2-2 1/2 months you suddenly seemed to set your own bedtime and have been great since then.  We moved you into your own room when you were about 12 weeks old and you did great.  You look so teeny in that big crib, but had no problems adjusting.  We still keep you swaddled in the miracle blanket but I'm not sure if you necessarily need it or not. 

Eating is a different story.  This is where we struggle.  You are not an eater.  I strive to get you to take 25oz/day but there have been days recently where it's 5pm and you've had 11oz so far for the day.  It's frustrating.  We were using the special Haberman bottles but you seemed to revert in your ability (desire?) to eat from those, so now we're switching to preemie nipples with slits cut in the top.  It sometimes takes you 45minutes to an hour to eat a few ounces.  You just aren't interested.  I worry because your weight is not where it should be but I can't forcefeed you so we continue to struggle with your unmotivated feedings.  Girl, just eat the milk!

The funniest thing about you is how you have a million faces.  Sometimes I look at you and think you look just like me in photos when I was little.  Then other times I think you look a lot like Barrett and other times you look like no one else.  You smile easily these days - just not for photos.

 Developmentally, you are doing great.  You are so strong and don't mind tummy time.  You lift your entire upper body up and look around.  Your hands are open now, rather than in fists, and you're starting to grab and bat at toys sometimes.

You started daycare when I went back to work when you were 12 weeks old and adjusted easily.  You definitely don't nap as well at daycare as you do at home but you didn't change your nighttime sleep at all, so that's a relief.  Just like Barrett, you come home smelling of your daycare teacher, which makes me sad that you don't smell like yourself but happy that you're being held and loved on all day.

Three months old, baby girl, you are growing up so fast!

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  1. Oh wow! Barrett looks so big! (I know this post was about Audrey, but I just can't believe it!) She is adorable and still has all of her hair--lucky girl! I want to see her again before she gets too big. :)