Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Twins? You Be the Judge

One of the first things people comment on in regards to darling child #2 is trying to guess who she looks like.  In fact, one of the first things Tim and I commented on in the operating room was to say that she looked like Barrett.

But then I looked at her 10 minutes later and thought she didn't look like him much at all.

And still it continues with our daughter with the ever-changing face. 

Now I don't think she looks much like Barrett.  I do see some similarities - they have similar eyes (mine) and some of their facial expressions look alike.  But otherwise, I don't really think she looks all that similar to him.

But I hear from others that she looks just like him.  So maybe they see something I don't?

You be the judge:

Audrey at 3 months

Barrett at 3 months

I don't really see much of me in Barrett - he's all Tim, with the exception of the eyes.
But I do see some of me in Audrey.... or maybe that's just me clinging to the hope that I passed on at least a few genes to at least one of my kids!

Either way, she definitely is exhibiting one weird quirk of mine - she's losing her hair on the sides of her head while still keeping it at the top and turning into a mushroom-haired kid.   I'm not sure this is the gene I'd choose to pass...

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  1. I was going to comment on how she is looking less like Barrett, but they are very obviously siblings. She's stunning, Megan!