Thursday, March 22, 2012


I keep thinking about this poor little blog and all the things I want to write about and just can't seem to find the time or energy to write.  I wrote Audrey's 3 month post on her 3 month birthday and then didn't upload her pictures until 2 1/2 weeks later so I could post it.  Bad blogger!

1.  We are experiencing the greatest spring Chicago may have ever seen.  It's so unseasonably warm!  We're on something like a week straight of temps into the 80s.  It's so nice!  Which brings me to #2...

2.  My office is currently without air.  It is miserably hot.  I'd rather be in a bathing suit at a pool in temps like this.  It's been into the 80s inside my office every day.  Yuck!  Which brings me to #3....

3.  I have nothing to wear!  I have spent 2 of the last 3 summers pregnant so I have no clothes to wear for spring/summertime.  I already warned Tim that I will have to be going on a shopping spree to avoid going to work naked.  I pretty much need it all - shorts, tops, work clothes, a bathing suit, summer shoes, the entire bit.

4.  Barrett surprises us every day with new words and things he knows.  This weekend he pointed and said "moto-cyca!"  That was astonishing enough but then the next day he heard the sound of one and said it again.  Crazy kid!  I already instructed him though that he is not allowed to go on one until he's 80 and I'm dead.

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