Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Little Monkeys

After 3 photo-less posts in a row, it's long past time for me to write about our wonderful visit with my sister and her family 2 weeks ago!

As usual for their visits, it was rainy and overcast on Saturday.  That meant no outdoor activities, but we'd already talked about going to the local children's museum, so that was okay.

In the past, Barrett hasn't given much attention to Caroline, his cousin 8 weeks younger, but has wanted to shadow the "big" boys.  This time though, he and Caroline were inseparable.  We even overheard someone talking about the twins.   I guess being the same size, fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes does make them look quite like twins.

We bought train tickets from Jack.

Grant liked looking at the books

I know this is out of focus but was just too cute not to share.

Audrey slept in the ergo most of the time.  Have I mentioned lately what an awesome baby she is???

We made our way back to the house for lunch and naps (including me, it was glorious) and awoke in time to head to dinner at the same train restaurant that we'd eaten at last time.  

watching for the train

excited to see the train pull up and insisting that his trains be set on the track also

Barrett was also happy to have some friends to play with his train table with him.  When a room full of little boys is quiet and tear-free for 30 minutes straight, you know it was a good present. 

The final photos of the kids didn't turn out quite the way I'd expected.  The lack of sleep from the weekend caught up to a few of them.  Grant was not pleased about having to share Barrett's ride-on train so refused to participate.  Jack smiled patiently through the pictures.  But the little ones had a little mischief on their minds...

Barrett was already eying Caroline's (pink?) blanket.  She has a little game of snatching toys away and running away with them as fast as she can and Barrett had caught onto this game by the end of the weekend.   

Barrett has his prey in sight. 

The time was right, while Caroline was smiling sweetly for the camera...

 But he underestimated both her love for the blanket and her ferocity, with two older brothers.  She wrangled it back easily. He's not used to a sister putting up much of a fight when her toys are stolen.
 But the wheels were turning in Caroline's head now...

Aha!  Two can play that game and she snatches Jack's hat right off his head.  Barrett looks on enviously.  This girl is good.

And the best we could do for a family photo with the silly munchkins.

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  1. I love those pictures at the end. They capture so well the sneakiness of the 2 two-year-olds! We had a great time with you all!