Monday, May 14, 2012

This Week's Meals

Monday - Italian Beef  One of our favorite meals.  I never had this until I moved to Chicago and never mad it until this past winter.  I wish I'd discovered how easy and delicious it was earlier!  I serve it on hoagie rolls with provolone cheese and sliced red peppers.  To be served with a fruit salad.

Tuesday - leftovers from Monday.  Although I think Tim mentioned he has a work dinner so it might just be me and Barrett that night, and he definitely won't eat this.

Wednesday - Garlic Chicken  I haven't made this before but with this few ingredients and being able to make it in the slow cooker, I'm already a fan.  To be served with a side of mashed potatoes (box - don't judge) and veggies.

Thursday - I think I may make some extra chicken on Wednesday to use in this sesame chicken recipe.  I found the recipe in my Southern Living a few years ago and we're big fans.  I can use leftover red pepper from Monday and green onions from my garden.

Friday - not sure, probably take out or I'll wing it

easy peasy!

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