Friday, May 4, 2012

Audrey - Five months

Audrey -

This  month has been an explosion of growth, both mentally and physically.  You've always been a very alert and aware little thing but this month you are really interacting and developing.  Your first two little teeth popped through this past month.  I noticed you'd been chewing on everything you could get your little hands on and drooling even more than usual but thought it seemed way too early for teeth, but sure enough, there they were. You've also discovered your tongue and looove sticking it out and grabbing it.  I see you sucking on your bottom lip a lot.

You have chubby little rolls and plump where there were none before. I'll never get tired of kissing your little belly or thighs or neck.  You and I and your Daddy and daycare teacher worked so hard to put plump on that little body and it makes me so happy to see it.  You are eating very consistently now, which is a big relief.  You are eating around 6oz every 3 hours, although an ounce or so finds its way down your chin and into your bib and shirt.  I love the days when you're a little piggy and want to eat a lot, it makes me smile.  You don't have the same enthusiasm for eating that Barrett did, but you still tolerate it.  You are firmly in 3-6 months clothes and don't have much room in them left.  You flew through this size.  You are wearing size 1 diapers but we could probably switch you to size 2.

You are very much into your toys.  You love to bat and your toys and watch them.  I discovered that you love banging on the little piano and making music.  You have staring contests with your peacock and elephant.  Somehow they always win but you give them a good challenge.  Your new favorite toys though are the little toes on your feet!  You have discovered how much FUN it is to chew on your little feet.
Little pretzel!
You are a little nosy Nellie and into watching everybody and everything around you.  Sometimes you don't want to eat because you just want to look around.  Your eyes are constantly moving.  I think the person you like to watch the most is Barrett.  When he comes up and laughs at you, you just smile and giggle.  So cute to see!

You're very sensitive to noises and jump when you hear loud sounds.  And when you hear other babies cry, you get very upset.

I'm seeing a return to the wiggle worm that I knew when you were in my belly.  You've become squirmy and antsy lately and it makes me think of how much you used to twist and turn inside me. 

You sleep very well at night still.  Oftentimes you'll wake up around 4 or 5 and want to eat and other times you'll sleep all the way until morning.  Naps are still not great, you usually take around four 45 minute naps or so. 

I cannot imagine a better little daughter.  You bring me so much happiness.  You are such an easy little thing and I am so lucky to call myself your mother. Sometimes I look down at you and smile with the thought that I get to call you mine!

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