Monday, June 4, 2012

Audrey - Six months

Baby girl -

Say it isn't so!   Six months.  That is as close to turning 1 as to being born.  Oh goodness, where did these last few months go?  You are becoming such a big girl.  I look at your filled-out belly and the rolls on your legs and I realize you are definitely a solid little thing now and not a skinny little newborn.  I love seeing your personality emerge as you grow and discover new things!

You have become a master sitter this past month!  Sitting is such a nice milestone and I was glad when you learned to do it.  It gives you so much more freedom to look around and play and you really like it.  It makes you seem so much older now.

You also had your first taste of real food.   We started oatmeal about a week before your 6 month birthday.  You are fairly receptive to it, but, of course, usually end up wearing most of it. You still drink about 30oz of milk per day.

You are basically fitting perfectly into your 6 month clothes.  We just moved you into size 2 diapers although could definitely have done that a few weeks ago.  I love dressing you in little outfits and bows.  All the teachers and parents at daycare comment on how cute you look every day and I think some are very jealous of all your hair.  Your hair is still crazy but the new blonde hair is growing in so maybe within a few months it'll even itself out.  I'm not sure how it'll work though because your newborn dark hair shows no signs of falling out but your new blonde hair is growing in.  I thought you might have light brown hair growing instead of blonde but now I think you may be another blonde in the family.  For now anyway.

Your favorite toys are your teething ring, your seahorse that plays music, and your piano.  You especially like musical toys. 

You've been a little cranky lately and I wonder if it's your teeth bothering you.  As you've always been, you don't fuss a lot but when you do, it takes a lot more to calm you down.  You are still drooling up a storm and will soak through your bibs in mere minutes.  The combination of teething plus the cleft is bringing a whole lot of drool into our house.  You are a big chewer and will grab anything you can find to immediately put it into your mouth.  


 I once referred to you as an old soul and you really do seem that you are.  You are a much more reserved child than your older brother was.  You aren't nearly as generous with your smiles or laughs and are a tougher cookie to crack.  You watch everybody and everything but when strangers try to make you laugh, you just stare at them.  That's okay, girl, because it means your smiles are even more special when you give them!  When you get excited though, you definitely show it and start kicking your legs and flapping your arms.  It never fails to make
me smile.  Things you smile at:  getting your legs and belly kissed, when I make popping sounds with my mouth, when I tickle you with my hair, your brother Barrett, and when we lift you up in the sky and bounce you up and down off our laps.

 It is so much fun to see you growing up.  I love having you in our family!

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