Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

(Ack!  Published in October but backdated to June, when it was actually written!  Somehow this didn't get posted then.) 

(Let's pretend the calendar doesn't say June and instead close our eyes and pretend it is three weeks ago and Mother's Day just happened.  mmkay?)

I was a very lucky mom this year.   I am very blessed to have TWO beautiful babies this year and thank God every day for my precious little ones.

Tim prepared a great picnic and we went to a local park to hang out.  I'll admit it wasn't super relaxing like I'd envisioned.  Barrett has to get into everything that he can so the idea of a Mother's Day picnic was a lot easier than the actuality.

But my husband did great, he prepared an amazing feast for us and gave me a gorgeous silver bracelet with "A" and "B" charms.  I feel so blessed!

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