Sunday, March 7, 2010

Poor Puppy

Once upon a time there was a little doggy prince that lived a glorious life. He lived with a family in the kingdom of Chicagoland that worshiped the ground he pooped on. He slept every night on a pedestal bed, cuddled in between his mommy and daddy. Every day, they rushed home from work to see him and play with him. His days and nights were filled with quiet, peaceful sleep and his evenings were filled with hours of playtime, pettings, catch, tug-of-war, and walks. He got more attention than he knew what to do with! Life was grand and the little puppy prince couldn't be happier. His furry tail just wagged and wagged all day in happiness.

But one day, a terrible cloud came over the kingdom and it was invaded! This enemy devastated the entire land. Suddenly torturous cries filled the kingdom skies! No longer were there peaceful naps on mommy's lap, her lap was taken over by the dreaded enemy, if she sat down at all. The wide open landscape that was the puppy prince's playground was filled with swings, carseats, bouncer seats and playmats. Tempting fuzzy, noisemaking toys laid around the kingdom, but the puppy prince seemed to get in trouble every time he tried to play with these toys! Visitors came to the land, but they only wanted to see the enemy, the puppy prince had to beg for attention!

Poor, poor puppy prince. One day you will be happy with this invader, when he makes food fall from the skies.


  1. Poor Peyton :( As soon as Barrett's in a high chair, there will be lots of food falling from the sky...although it'll have baby goo all over it!

  2. Hilarious and true! Kiku and Elliott have definitely bonded through food. :)